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For the Sake of the Gospel, Two Volume Set

For the Sake of the Gospel, Two Volume Set
MP3 CD Series

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Are you passionate about sharing the Gospel? How willing are you to sacrifice and take risks so that unbelievers may become followers of Jesus, and believers may become better equipped to share the Good News of salvation?

In Volume 1 of this series of messages from Alistair Begg, we follow the Apostle Paul from Corinth to Caesarea on his final missionary trek. For the sake of the Gospel, Paul endured trials of every kind, boldly proclaiming the Good News and glorifying God even to those who doggedly persecuted him. Throughout his journey, we see evidence of God’s grace, providential protection, and provision. God’s guidance and care underpinned Paul’s confidence and enabled him to live out the faith he proclaimed.

It’s easy to believe God’s promises in the days of calm, but trusting Him in the midst of life’s storms is difficult, and our response to trials may either advance or impede the spread of the Gospel.

In Volume 2 of For the Sake of the Gospel, it quickly becomes evident that nothing would silence the Apostle Paul from “preaching the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ”— not a trial before royalty, a hurricane-force storm at sea, a shipwreck, a poisonous snake bite, chains, or prolonged wrongful imprisonment. Paul was zealous to make all his days and all his deeds count for the Gospel. Alistair Begg uses Paul’s dramatic journey from Caesarea to Rome to illustrate God’s faithfulness and to encourage us to see our circumstances as opportunities to proclaim the Good News.

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