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‘Venturing in Faith’ Study Guide

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‘Venturing in Faith’ Study Guide
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Explore God's faithfulness in the life of Abraham in this study of Genesis 11-22. You'll trace your way through Abraham's journey of faith from the moment God called him out from Ur of the Chaldeans through the ups and downs of his new life in the land of God's promise.

Although Abraham experienced many pitfalls and failures, he learned that with God, failure is never final, and his trust grew with each new beginning as he responded to God in obedience. This study offers many helpful lessons that we can apply to our lives today.

The Venturing in Faith study guide contains twelve sessions and is designed to be used in conjunction with listening to the twelve-message audio series by Alistair.

Each session includes:

  1. Getting Started: a brief summary statement or commentary on the message, followed by an introductory question.
  2. Key Scriptures: important Bible verses that were referenced in the message and are flagged for further meditation and memorization.
  3. Going Deeper: questions to help you process the main ideas of the message.
  4. Giving Praise: either a poem or a hymn that can be committed to memory.
  5. Venturing in Faith makes an excellent twelve-week study for your Bible study group or can be used for personal learning and reflection.

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