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Comfort in Chaos

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ID: 12301 • August 1, 1996

What could be more appropriate in an age of anxiety than a message from God that speaks comfort in the midst of chaos? In Isaiah’s day, the people had lost sight of God and His greatness. Without this reference point, every aspect of their lives showed evidence of stress fractures. In this series from Isaiah 40:31, Alistair Begg directs our gaze to the transcendence of God. These ancient words speak with timeless relevance, encouraging the weary, correcting the faulty, and reminding the forgetful that God is not too great to care—but that He is too great ever to fail.

Sermons in this Series

The Identity of God

Isaiah 40:31 Sermon 46:36 ID: 1521

The Necessity of Hope

Isaiah 40:31 Sermon 41:55 ID: 1522

The Discovery of Strength

Isaiah 40:31 Sermon 41:14 ID: 1524

The Victory of Faith

Isaiah 40:31 Sermon 32:01 ID: 1525