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Firm Foundation, Volume 2

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“This is one exciting letter. This is one relevant letter. This is a study that I just can’t wait to start. And I hope that God will create a similar expectancy in your own heart and mind.” -Alistair Begg

The church in Corinth was a large church. Paul had been part of this church when it was established, but when he comes to write to the church in 1 Corinthians, he’s writing to a church that has wandered from its established foundations. All kinds of teaching and doctrine had been imbibed by people who should have known better. Many of those in Corinth were not as interested in the revelation that God had given in His Son and in His Word, but were more interested in speculation, novel ideas and theories. People had divorced belief from behavior and small group ministries followed particular teachers, snobbery forced people not to sit or talk with one another, based on what they had in life in material terms.

In general, when it came to spiritual things, the church in Corinth was a church that was fascinated by the spectacular and the flamboyant, forsaking the routine pathway of love that is grounded in truth. It might be referred to as the fellowship of confusion.

In Volume II of Firm Foundation - New Life, New Lifestyles, Alistair Begg looks at chapters five and six of 1 Corinthians wherein Paul deals with the subjects of sexual immorality and lawsuits as they pertained to the Christians living in Corinth. Again you will notice a striking resemblance to the Church in the 21st century.

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