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Guard the Truth, Volume 4

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ID: 15505 • April 3, 2016

Realizing that the end of his life and ministry were near, the Apostle Paul reached out to a young man named Timothy. The letter penned by Paul to a junior pastor focuses on the necessity of passing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation of believers. These messages by Alistair Begg explore the final written words of the great apostle and how vitally important his instruction is for us today.

In Volume 4 of this series, we learn principles for Christian ministry and gain useful insights from the way Paul faced his own mortality. As believers hold fast to the truth, we can trust God to strengthen and sustain us. In every age and culture, God’s people must be convinced of what they believe and continue in the truth. Church leaders must guard the Gospel and pass it faithfully to those who come after. Pastors and congregations who are concerned to raise up and nurture the next generation of Christians are following the example of the Apostle Paul and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

Preach the Word

2 Timothy 4:1-2 Sermon 34:35 ID: 3072

Itching Ears

2 Timothy 4:3-4 Sermon 39:00 ID: 3074

Fulfill Your Ministry

2 Timothy 4:5 Sermon 39:21 ID: 3075

Death and Dying

2 Timothy 4:6 Sermon Includes Transcript 37:07 ID: 3085

Mission Accomplished

2 Timothy 4:7 Sermon 33:29 ID: 3087

The Crown of Righteousness

2 Timothy 4:8 Sermon 40:29 ID: 3089

Mr. Temporary?

2 Timothy 4:9-10 Sermon 39:25 ID: 3090

Friendship Matters

2 Timothy 4:11-13 Sermon 38:55 ID: 3091

The Lion’s Mouth

2 Timothy 4:14-18 Sermon 28:23 ID: 3095

The Postscript

2 Timothy 4:19-22 Sermon 38:02 ID: 3096