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A Study on God’s Providential Care

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ID: 27501 • February 16, 2016

Are we victims of chance, tossed about by circumstances beyond our control? Does God watch the unfolding events in our world from a distance, passive and inactive? Or can we find rest and hope in a God who is active and sovereign?

In this series, Alistair Begg introduces us to the doctrine of God’s providence. Here the Christian can find hope in the knowledge that the one who created and sustains us orders everything according to His will, even as His boundless sovereignty does not infringe upon our responsibility for the choices we make. God, we learn, will ultimately use even wicked intentions and painful trials for His glory and the good of His people. In an increasingly unstable world, believers can rest securely in the providence of God, who faithfully pursues our good.

Sermons in this Series

Providence Defined

Proverbs 16:9 Sermon Includes Transcript 39:01 ID: 3056

Providence in Christ’s Death

Acts 2:23, Acts 4:28 Sermon Includes Transcript 30:24 ID: 3058

Some Thoughts on Providence

Genesis 45:5, Genesis 45:7–8 Sermon Includes Transcript 36:57 ID: 3092