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The Kingdom of God, Volume 1

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ID: 26801 • August 27, 2012

Look out an airplane window at 35,000 feet, and you’ll see patterns in the landscape below that would be unobservable from the ground. In the same way, when we examine the sixty-six books of the Bible through a wide-angle lens, we discover far more than a collection of disjointed writings. The Bible is one book, inspired by one Author, with one supreme subject: Jesus Christ, who came to secure God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule and blessing.

In volume one of this two-volume survey of the Bible, Alistair Begg takes us through the Old Testament, showing us how God was perfectly ordering His plan for salvation from the very beginning. Each life and story in the Hebrew Scriptures adds insight to our understanding of humanity’s promised redemption and points us to Christ. From the world’s creation to man’s fall, then through the ups and downs of Israel’s history, we see His merciful hand at work on every page.

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The Bible: An Overview

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The Promised Kingdom

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The Partial Kingdom: God’s People — Part One

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The Partial Kingdom: God’s People — Part Two

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The Partial Kingdom: God’s Rule and Blessing

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The Partial Kingdom: God’s Place

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The Partial Kingdom: God’s King

Judges - 2 Chronicles Sermon Includes Transcript 44:21 ID: 2389

The Prophesied Kingdom — Part One

Ezra - Malachi Sermon Includes Transcript 36:31 ID: 2390

The Prophesied Kingdom — Part Two

Ezra - Malachi Sermon Includes Transcript 43:38 ID: 2391