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A Study in 1 Peter, Volume 4

Some Practical Exhortations

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ID: 16006 • November 1, 2008

In his first epistle, Peter encouraged believers who were suffering persecution from a hostile culture. To stand firm, they would need to understand that their true security was in eternity, purchased for them by the blood of Christ. Christians are citizens of heaven, and they are aliens and strangers on the earth. When we learn to see things from this heavenly point of view, all that happens on earth takes on a different light.

In volume four of this series, Alistair Begg expounds Peter’s intensely practical advice. A heavenly mindset not only equips believers for suffering but also prepares them to live within the framework of the church, submit to leadership with humility of heart, cast anxiety on the Lord, and resist the temptations of the Evil One. These are words of great encouragement to believers in any age.

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