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Characteristics of Christian Love, Part One

Characteristics of Christian Love, Part One

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul unpacks for us the nature of love, listing the qualities and activities which are to be top priorities in our lives, and therefore in our corporate life together within a local church. Alistair works through seven of the fifteen facets of love mentioned in this great hymn of love.

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Love in the Local Church

Here we have one of the most familiar chapters in the New Testament. It appears so frequently on wedding bulletins, we may be tempted to believe it was penned for that purpose. It is only when we read it in the context of the surrounding chapters that we can understand and apply it correctly. The apostle was addressing a church that was vibrant but chaotic. As they tried to cover their division and confusion by an over-emphasis on the spectacular gifts, Paul shows them a better way.

This chapter presents a particular challenge to any outwardly successful church because its preoccupations may not be the same as God’s priorities.