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How to Share Christ with Someone, Part Three

How to Share Christ with Someone, Part Three

Friends and neighbors, co-workers and complete strangers each person in your life desperately needs the grace and salvation found only in the Gospel, but how will they hear? In this message, Alistair Begg outlines step- by- step instructions on sharing your faith in Jesus Christ with others. While style and methodology may vary, these key points must eventually be included in your presentation.

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Crossing The Barriers

Evangelism. The word alone produces a tightness in the stomach and anxiety in the hearts of many Christians, creating a barrier that hinders sharing the Good News of Christ. Misunderstanding the biblical directives of evangelism may incline us to shy away from sharing our faith, thinking we do not have the gift of evangelism or do not know enough to be effective, leaving the task to others.

In Crossing the Barriers, Alistair Begg equips us to understand what evangelism truly is, helps us to be certain our message and motives are correct, prepares us to face challenges, and enables us to effectively cross the barriers that keep us from presenting Christ and preventing others from believing the message. Much like the herald who conveys the news from the king, we are not to express our own opinions or ideas, but faithfully deliver the message the King has given to us and trust God to do His work.

You can also download a free PDF of the full study guide if you prefer.