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A Man in the Tombs

A Man in the Tombs

In Luke 8, we meet a demon-possessed man who is reduced to living among tombs. Alienated from God and those around him, the man pictures the human condition apart from God. Alistair Begg explains that the dramatic encounter between Jesus and the man illustrates the reconciliation that has been provided for us in the person of Christ. Jesus meets us in our need, transforms us from the inside-out, and commissions us to bear witness to the Good News.

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An Extraordinary Encounter

What was it like to have a face-to-face encounter with Jesus? From the physically broken man of Mark 2, to the devoted religious man of John 3, and to the promiscuous woman of John 4, Jesus personally engaged unlikely individuals with extraordinary results. None of them walked away from their encounter with Christ unchanged. In this series, Alistair Begg reminds us that each of these individuals had something else in common: their greatest need was not for physical healing or stature, but for a Savior. Jesus offered them a spiritual transformation, and He offers the same thing to us today.