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Mutual Care

Mutual Care

What type of action did the early church demonstrate in caring for each other? Did their example prescribe that a type of “communist” ideology is the scriptural outline for fulfilling this duty? Learn how the call to care for each other is not about monetary equality but about an attitude of sacrificial generosity and caring for those in need.

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Seven Marks Of An Effective Church

What makes a church effective? Is it having a functional building, excellent worship music, a vibrant youth program or a teaching ministry? Our answers may vary, but the burgeoning church in the book of Acts clearly provides us with seven elements to which every church should strive. These marks include: The Apostle’s Teaching, Fellowship, The Sacraments, Prayer, Mutual Care, Worship, and Continuous Evangelism.

No church will ever master all of these elements, but they should be the marks to which church leaders are guiding their people. Is your church on the right course? If you're searching for a church in which to be involved, then these are the elements the early church displayed and should be the marks for which we look in an effective church.