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The Full Armor of God

The Full Armor of God

The same grace that reconciles Christians to God antagonizes us to the devil. As enemies of the evil one, we are involved in a continual, spiritual war that will not end on this side of eternity. Because none of us is immune to his fierce attacks, we must be prepared for daily battle. Alistair Begg explains that our enemy is powerful and the danger is real, but God has equipped us with all of the weapons and defenses we need for this long and grueling fight.

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Spiritual Warfare

There are two common mistakes people make when thinking about the devil– we become preoccupied with his existence or ignore it altogether. In this series on spiritual warfare, Alistair Begg helps listeners understand the often overlooked reality that there is a war happening all around us every day. As Christians and soldiers in God’s army, The Bible calls us to understand who our enemy is, where this battle is taking place, and how to defend ourselves before we can be successful in this ongoing, unseen, and unavoidable war. Though the fate of our enemy has been decided, the battle rages on, and each of us must make use of the armor and weapons that God has given us to defend ourselves from Satan’s attacks.