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The Gift Of The Sabbath

The Gift Of The Sabbath

There are two extremes that permeate our understanding of the Sabbath– rigid formalism and unbridled freedom. Both are opposed to God’s design for this day set aside to remember and worship Him. Alistair Begg shares three ideas to help us rightly view what the Lord’s day should be. The Sabbath is a gift to be enjoyed, a priority to be recognized, and a cadence that gives life rhythm. This day is not an excuse for idleness, and it is not an added burden. Instead it provides opportunity for rest, worship, remembrance, and hope.

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The Sabbath

Many of us give little thought to how we spend the Lord’s Day. In fact, any attempt at maintaining the sanctity of the Sabbath is often seen as nothing more than religious legalism. So what are we to do with this day of rest? In these studies, Alistair Begg helps us examine the contemporary Christian Sabbath and consider the possibility that our theology has been replaced with expediency in regard to this issue. If we cannot disregard the other commandments, then we cannot ignore the fourth either. Rather, we must humbly accept God's design in providing the Sabbath as a gift that provides benefits when we approach it out of conviction and obedience to God.