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The Obedient Prophet

The Obedient Prophet

God is the God of second chances and for the second time, Jonah was commissioned by God to go to Nineveh with a warning about the city’s wickedness, and the judgment yet to come. This time, Jonah obediently went to Nineveh delivering the warning with a personal testimony about God’s willingness and ability to save. Remarkably, the Ninevites responded quickly by turning and repenting of their ways. God gave the city a second chance and leaves us with the question, does God change his mind?

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Man Overboard

What is spiritual "backsliding" and how does it occur? The challenge for Jonah was that while he knew and understood the clear direction of God for his life, his response was, "I have a better plan." As a result, Jonah learned some hard lessons which are instructive for us today, as well. Join Alistair this month as he shows us how our gracious God restores His wandering people.