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The Soldier's Weapons

The Soldier's Weapons

How can a soldier fight without a weapon? And if the Christian’s battle is with unseen forces of darkness… what will defeat the enemy? When the enemy strikes… when life falls apart… we’re called to step forward with the truth of the Bible and prayer. Hear more, as Alistair Begg presents a lesson on the weaponry of Spiritual Warfare.

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Spiritual Warfare

Among the most often asked biblical questions are ones involving the Devil.
Is the Devil real?
What power does he have?
When Christians deal with him are they in Spiritual danger?
What resources and weapons are available for recognizing and resisting Satan’s attacks?

The answers to these and other questions are addressed in a balanced, biblical way in this series of studies on Spiritual Warfare.

While the Scriptures repeatedly warn against carelessness in dealing with the forces of evil, the Bible is clear as to the practical steps necessary for resisting and defeating the schemes of the Devil. If we are to follow the example of Jesus, we must learn how to put on and utilize the full armor of God, and our theology must control our practice. These studies will equip the listener to understand the biblical issues and to make the preparations necessary for victory in Spiritual Warfare.