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Understanding Our Message

Understanding Our Message

“You don’t seriously believe that, do you?” This question can stymie the well-intentioned evangelist if we are not clear about the message of the Gospel and confident about its validity. Alistair Begg reviews the essential facts of the Gospel, which may vary in presentation, but should always remain consistent in content. It is imperative to have a solid grasp of these foundational truths before we can expect any meaningful response to our efforts.

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Crossing The Barriers

Evangelism. The word alone produces a tightness in the stomach and anxiety in the hearts of many Christians, creating a barrier that hinders sharing the Good News of Christ. Misunderstanding the biblical directives of evangelism may incline us to shy away from sharing our faith, thinking we do not have the gift of evangelism or do not know enough to be effective, leaving the task to others.

In Crossing the Barriers, Alistair Begg equips us to understand what evangelism truly is, helps us to be certain our message and motives are correct, prepares us to face challenges, and enables us to effectively cross the barriers that keep us from presenting Christ and preventing others from believing the message. Much like the herald who conveys the news from the king, we are not to express our own opinions or ideas, but faithfully deliver the message the King has given to us and trust God to do His work.

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