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My Times Are in Your Hands (Booklet)

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My Times Are in Your Hands (Booklet)
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Despite what some might have us believe, pain and disappointment are not unusual experiences to the Christian. The issue is not whether we will face difficulties but how we will respond when they come.

Psalm 31:15 reads, “My times are in your hand.” These six words are the affirmation of David, who—despite disasters and difficulties—knew himself to be under the care of Almighty God. It is this same certainty that will bring stability in the midst of circumstances that could potentially inflate our egos or crush our souls.

When we realize our times are in God’s hands, we discover many incredible truths. In My Times Are in Your Hands, Alistair Begg helps us understand the many riches that can be found in such a simple phrase and what it truly means to know the Lord’s care.

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Kathleen A. April 29, 2022

This little booklet has been so comforting through the years. I recently went through a second journey through breast cancer treatment. God brought several women across my path and I want to share this with them. I've ordered extras to have on hand! Grateful to God for the provision of truth spoken through Mr. Begg!