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‘My Times Are in Your Hands’ Study Guide

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‘My Times Are in Your Hands’ Study Guide
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In the series, My Times Are in Your Hands, Alistair Begg teaches how to cope with life when it feels like the wheels are falling off. This study of God‘s providence helps us understand how to view life‘s storms and navigate seasons of suffering and hardship, particularly when trials seem unending.

The My Times Are in Your Hands study guide contains twelve sections that correspond with Alistair's teaching in the audio series. Each session includes four parts:

1) Getting Started: a quote from the message, followed by an introductory question
2) Key Scriptures: important Bible verses referenced in the message
3) Going Deeper: questions to help you process the messages’ main ideas
4) Giving Praise: a poem or hymn that can be committed to memory and incorporated in worship

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