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Parenting God's Way (Booklet)

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Parenting God's Way (Booklet)
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For the last three decades, the idea of the traditional family has been under cultural assault. Every movement from the so-called sexual revolution to same-sex parenting has taken its toll on the foundational building blocks of our society. How do parents navigate these challenges? God, the perfect Father, provides the answers. In this short, but wisdom-rich booklet, Alistair Begg, gives practical, biblical instruction on what it looks like to be a father and to be a mother . . . God’s way.

format: 48 pages
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Bruce C. June 21, 2020

Just read this today. Learned some excellent tools to help me be a better father in a Godly and righteous way. I would recommend this book to both fathers and mothers. I feel inspired to be a better father! Thank you Alistair!