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Exploring the Bible

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Exploring the Bible

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Help Your Children Learn How to Study the Bible

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." These familiar lines from a children's hymn contain a vitally important message: the Bible tells our children about Jesus' love for them. Based on the lyrics, the hymnist probably assumed that children would read and know about the Bible. But that's not often the case—perhaps because navigating the Bible isn't always easy, especially for young students of God's Word.

Reading and studying the Bible is an important life skill. But where should young ones begin, and how can parents help get them started? Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids presents an introductory journey through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, for children ages 6–12. Designed around the metaphor of exploration, this interactive workbook navigates youngsters through key stories in short, weekly lessons that offer an understanding of God's plan for salvation in one year's time.

"Exploring the Bible, was written by my good friend David Murray. He first released this as a series of Word documents that parents could print at home on their own. I printed those, I put them in binders, gave them to my girls, and my two youngest children. Both of my girls used them and benefited a lot. It helped them build a habit. The book contains a weekly program and over the course of time, it’s going to take your children through the main points of the Bible and through the main stories. There’s a weekly key theme and memory verse. Then there’s six-days-a-week little devotionals to do and blanks to fill in. On Sundays, there is a little sermon outline so they can hear the sermon and fill in some of what they learned. I simply can’t commend this book highly enough as I believe in it a lot and both of my girls benefited tremendously from reading it."
-Tim Challies

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