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Book Bundle for Children

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Book Bundle for Children

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This short biography on the life of doctor and British missionary Helen Roseveare will inspire young children to serve the Lord Jesus Christ faithfully.

Helen was trained as a doctor in England and then journeyed to the heart of Africa in the mid-1900s to care for the sick. Through many successes and trials, Helen remained committed to sharing the Gospel and lived her life in service to the will of God. This brief 24-page book comes in hardcover and is colorfully illustrated.

Perfect for children ages four to eight, God, You Are presents twenty short “You are” verses from the Psalms followed by a one-page reading that teaches young ones about God’s nature and goodness. Each reading is a comforting reminder of God’s character that explains God is always with us, He’s our helper, deliverer, and refuge in times of trouble. This is a perfect book for bedtime, as it will help the little ones rest peacefully in the reality that God never changes and is a loving, faithful Father.

A colorful illustration accompanies each of the twenty readings.

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