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‘Brave By Faith’ Book and Study Guide Bundle

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‘Brave By Faith’ Book and Study Guide Bundle

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Softcover, 125 pages & 38 pages
pdf, mobi, & epub versions included

The wind has changed. The majority of Western society is no longer made up of Bible-believing Christians. In fact, the wind appears to be blowing hard behind the forces of secularism and paganism. So how do believers find the courage to hold firm to our faith in a culture where we're increasingly becoming strangers and aliens?

Brave by Faith by Alistair Begg looks back to the days of Daniel during his exile in Babylon to encourage us to hold the line of our biblical beliefs. Alistair explains that the message of Daniel is incredibly relevant for us in our generation, not because it maps out a strategy for how to deal with our new minority status but because it teaches us to trust in the eternal God who is sovereign over the affairs of our world, including the rise and fall of kings and nations.

The Brave by Faith study guide is a companion to the book Brave by Faith. The study guide presents thought-provoking questions from each of the book's seven chapters, and also from the book's introduction and epilogue. The study guide is suited for either individual or group use.

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