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‘My Times Are in Your Hands’ Bundle

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‘My Times Are in Your Hands’ Bundle

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The Christian life isn’t guaranteed to be all brightness and laughter. Such a perspective is true to neither the biblical record nor human experience. While the Gospel offers real comfort in the face of pain, biblical joy is found not in isolation from life’s rigors but in trusting in the sovereign love of God, who works all things for our good and His glory.

Audio Series on USB
The My Times Are in Your Hands USB includes twelve messages from Alistair Begg that teach us that while Christians suffer and grieve just as much as anyone, we’re given a biblical framework for dealing with affliction, trial, and disappointment. Underpinning our hope is the glorious doctrine of God’s providence, which allows us to declare with the psalmist, “My times are in Your hands.”

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Study Guide
The companion My Times Are in Your Hands study guide contains twelve sections that correspond with Alistair’s teaching in the audio series. Each session includes four parts:
1) Getting Started: a quote from the message, followed by an introductory question
2) Key Scriptures: important Bible verses referenced in the message
3) Going Deeper: questions to help you process the messages’ main ideas
4) Giving Praise: a poem or hymn that can be committed to memory and incorporated in worship

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The My Times Are in Your Hands booklet explains that pain and disappointment are not unusual experiences to the Christian. The issue is not whether we will face difficulties but how we will respond when they come.

When we realize our times are in God’s hands, we discover many incredible truths. Alistair Begg helps us understand the many riches found when we trust in the Lord’s care.

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