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Five Years of Favorites (USB)

Five Years of Favorites (USB)
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Photo of Alistair BeggThe 62 most frequently requested messages by Alistair Begg from 2010-2015 have been consolidated in this inspiring collection of Bible teaching that covers a wide variety of texts and topics.

In this rich compilation of over 40 hours of Scripture-based instruction, Alistair Begg unpacks what the Bible says about many of today’s most pressing life issues.

Topics include:

  • How to find peace in times of fear and anxiety
  • Gaining comfort in the face of death and dying
  • Understanding the marks of genuine friendship
  • Discovering how to teach your children what is right and true
  • And many more diverse topics!

Five Years of Favorites contains 62 audio messages from Alistair Begg on a single flash (USB) drive. All of the messages can be easily downloaded to a computer.

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