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Isaiah 40:1-5
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Comfort for God's People

1Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.

2Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,

and cry to her

that her warfare1 is ended,

that her iniquity is pardoned,

that she has received from the Lord's hand

double for all her sins.

3A voice cries:2

“In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord;

make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

4Every valley shall be lifted up,

and every mountain and hill be made low;

the uneven ground shall become level,

and the rough places a plain.

5And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed,

and all flesh shall see it together,

for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”


  • 1 40:2 Or hardship
  • 2 40:3 Or A voice of one crying
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