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Why God Sent His Son, Part B

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As summer winds to a close and school begins, it seems a far way from Christmas. But Thursday’s Truth For Life reminds us that Christ’s coming affects us every day of the year. Join Alistair Begg for a profound study in Galatians a message he calls, Why God Sent His Son.

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Navigating the Nativity

For many people, celebrating Christmas rarely goes beyond spending time with loved ones, enjoying holiday feasts, and feeling good about seasonal giving. In a world where hopelessness abounds, however, we need a God who offers more than mere sentiment. When we take a moment to really consider Scripture’s account of the birth of Christ, we might find ourselves asking who Jesus really is, why He was born, where He came from, and who sent Him. What mission did He come to earth to accomplish? In this two-sermon series, Alistair Begg presents biblical answers to questions like these that are raised by Christ’s incarnation. As we navigate the Nativity, we will come to know Jesus better and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible’s awe-inspiring story.

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