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Here is My Servant!, Part One, B

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It’s the time of year to celebrate the coming of Jesus. Soon we’ll begin retelling the manger story and singing carols. But did you know that the celebration of Christ began thousands of years before that starry night? Listen and hear more about God’s power and purpose on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg!

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Here is My Servant! Part One

Isaiah 42:1

Series: Here is Your God!

Sermon Includes Transcript 43:18 ID: 2657

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Here is Your God!

In ancient days, when people created idols for themselves, God spoke through the prophet Isaiah to declare the futility of idol worship and to remind His people of His promised Messiah. Idolatry persists today, although our gods and idols tend to be subtler. Sometimes, even good things can siphon off the devotion that is solely due to God—but how do these idols measure up against the God of the Bible? The best way to identify false gods is by studying and knowing the one true God. In this series of messages, Alistair Begg demonstrates how Isaiah’s prophecies find their fulfillment in Jesus. By examining God’s character as revealed both in the Bible and through His Son, we learn how vastly the true God differs from the false idols we all set up in our hearts. A relationship with this sovereign God satisfies our intellectual quests and emotional longings as we trust not in our futile efforts, but in His accomplished work.

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