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A Verse for the Year

Where should a Christian turn for the strength to participate in advancing God’s Kingdom today? Alistair Begg explores a familiar verse from the prophet Zechariah to show that only God’s Spirit can empower us to fulfill His purposes. As believers turn toward God and away from earthly concerns, we must be willing to be countercultural for the sake of His kingdom.


Zechariah 4:6
id: 3137

The Climax of History

Though Daniel penned his words long ago, they are still meant to teach us today. The vision recorded in Daniel Chapter 12 describes the end times so that God's people will not be taken by surprise. Alistair Begg explains that these days will be marked by fearful tribulation, final separation, and futile investigation. We can take heart in knowing that the God who redeems His people will be faithful to preserve them through trials and to bring them into the everlasting life that He has promised in His Son.


Daniel 12:1-4
id: 3133

Kingdoms Rise and Wane

Daniel Chapter 11 records a message from God that Daniel received to help him and the returning exiles remember God’s faithfulness in the midst of their difficulty. As Alistair Begg dives into this challenging chapter, he emphasizes that that we need not be ashamed when we fail to understand difficult portions of God's Word. While we may not comprehend every verse, this prophecy reminds us that even as the empires of earth rise and fall, God is forever on His throne, and He is our only comfort in life and in death.


Daniel 11:1-35
id: 3131

The Spiritual Forces of Evil, Part Two

In Daniel 10, Daniel received a devastating vision, one that reduced him to an awe-filled fear. As Alistair Begg walks us through the prophetic message, we are reminded of God’s sovereign reign over the past and future events of mankind. Conflicts on earth mimic spiritual conflicts in heavenly places, but despite the raging battles, victory is assured to those who wear the full armor of Christ.


Daniel 10:1-21
id: 3129

Gabriel and the 70 Weeks

The vision recorded in Daniel 9 was given to Daniel for wisdom, encouragement, and understanding. Although interpretation of these challenging verses differs, Alistair Begg offers helpful clarification: what God has purposed, He will accomplish, and, ultimately, Scripture points to Christ. The One who has ascended will come again in great power, and as we have believed, so we must tell others.


Daniel 9:20-27
id: 3127

Your Will Be Done, Part One

Daniel 8 describes another difficult and disturbing vision that the prophet experienced. To help us understand these apocalyptic pictures, Alistair Begg reminds us that their purpose is to comfort believers’ hearts during times of trouble. God wants His people to know that the hardships and persecutions they face, though difficult, are all part of His sovereign plan, and we can be assured that He will ultimately triumph over evil.


Daniel 8:1-27
id: 3121

Your Will Be Done, Part Two

God gave Daniel a glimpse into the ultimate conflict that lies beneath all of the human conflicts that we see: man in prideful rebellion against the God who reigns and rules. Alistair Begg reminds us that Daniel’s vision is not recorded to spur our curiosity, but to provide real relief and encouragement to troubled saints. Like the exiles who encountered opposition and oppression when they returned from captivity, God’s people can find encouragement to stand firm and stay faithful in the knowledge that God is in control.


Daniel 8:1-27
id: 3122

Your Kingdom Come, Part One

The 7th Chapter of Daniel covers all of human history - from the prophet's own day through the ultimate triumph of God's Kingdom. In this message, Alistair Begg focuses on Daniel's vision of the throne room of the Ancient of Days as the beast is destroyed and the Son of Man appears. It is in relationship to God's Kingdom that our lives find their ultimate meaning as we believe and obey the Gospel.


Daniel 7:1-28
id: 3119

Getting the Picture

Biblical prophecy can be confusing and difficult to understand. The apocalyptic images in Daniel 7 communicate truth in a way that is vivid and that can be understood by believers in every age and culture. In this message, Alistair Begg walks us through the terrors of Daniel's vision to its conclusion: the promise of the Son's unending dominion. We are reminded that God is the One who sets up and brings down authorities, and He is sovereignly in control of history.


Daniel 7:1-28
id: 3117

There is a God in Heaven

Troubled by nightmares, King Nebuchadnezzar was unable to interpret their meaning, and he lashed out in rage. God answered Daniel’s prayer for help, and the meaning of the dreams was made clear. As we examine the text, Alistair Begg turns our attention to the everlasting nature of God’s kingdom established on the Rock that is Jesus Christ. When we align our thinking and habits with the truth of His Kingship, we can proclaim the Gospel through our lives.


Daniel 2:1-49
id: 3108

Series: Faith Under Fire

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