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A Study in Daniel, Volume 2

And He Shall Reign

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ID: 12704 • March 2, 2016

The book of Daniel contains familiar Bible stories and perplexing apocalyptic visions, yet both are held together by the doctrinal anchors of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of history and His promise to judge the world. History is unfolding according to God’s plan, and every one of us will stand before our Creator. These realities had bearing on how Daniel and his friends lived amid a pagan culture, and they have bearing on how we live today.

In volume two of this series, Alistair Begg explores the difficult prophetic passages that make up the second half of the book of Daniel. Although there is much disagreement among scholars about the meaning of these chapters, a commitment to keeping the main things the plain things will help us to grasp God’s message to us. As history marches on and we face trials, persecutions, and spiritual warfare, God still reigns supreme. And in Christ He has already guaranteed His victory.

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Getting the Picture

Daniel 7:1–28 Sermon 46:27 ID: 3117

“Your Kingdom Come” — Part One

Daniel 7:1–28 Sermon 37:47 ID: 3119

“Your Kingdom Come” — Part Two

Daniel 7:1–28 Sermon 36:52 ID: 3120

“Your Will Be Done” — Part One

Daniel 8:1–27 Sermon 38:12 ID: 3121

“Your Will Be Done” — Part Two

Daniel 8:1–27 Sermon 44:25 ID: 3122

Daniel’s Prayer

Daniel 9:1–19 Sermon 43:04 ID: 3126

Gabriel and the Seventy Weeks

Daniel 9:20–27 Sermon 46:35 ID: 3127

The Spiritual Forces of Evil — Part One

Daniel 10:1–21 Sermon 43:15 ID: 3128

The Spiritual Forces of Evil — Part Two

Daniel 10:1–21 Sermon 41:48 ID: 3129

Kingdoms Rise and Wane

Daniel 11:1–35 Sermon 44:06 ID: 3131

The Time of the End

Daniel 11:36–45 Sermon 35:36 ID: 3132

The Climax of History

Daniel 12:1–4 Sermon 43:07 ID: 3133

How Long Till the End?

Daniel 12:5–13 Sermon 45:33 ID: 3134