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A Study in Daniel, Volume 1

There Is None like Him

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ID: 12703 • March 1, 2016

The book of Daniel contains familiar Bible stories and perplexing apocalyptic visions, yet both are held together by the doctrinal anchors of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of history and His promise to judge the world. History is unfolding according to God’s plan, and every one of us will stand before our Creator. These realities had bearing on how Daniel and his friends lived amid a pagan culture, and they have bearing on how we live today.

In volume one of this series, Alistair Begg examines the obedience of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, the destructive pride of the Babylonian and Median kings, and God’s faithfulness and power in it all. As we recognize that this sinful and broken world is not our home, we can find encouragement and warning in these stories from Israel’s exile. The pressures around us need not overwhelm our hope in the God who has overcome the world.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

God of the Exiles

Daniel 1:1–21 Sermon 41:57 ID: 3097

His Kingdom Is Forever

Daniel 2:1–49 Sermon 40:45 ID: 3098

No God Like Yahweh

Daniel 3:1–30 Sermon 36:42 ID: 3099

The King of Heaven — Part One

Daniel 4:1–37 Sermon 38:26 ID: 3105

The King of Heaven — Part Two

Daniel 4:17 Sermon 21:14 ID: 3106

The Writing on the Wall

Daniel 5:1–30 Sermon 37:56 ID: 3113

Our God Reigns — Part One

Daniel 6:1–28 Sermon 37:15 ID: 3114

Our God Reigns — Part Two

Daniel 6:1–28 Sermon 41:37 ID: 3115