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We Belong Together (Part 4 of 4)

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The New Testament likens the church to a physical body where the parts are diverse, but each one has an important function. Where do you fit into the family of God? What’s your God-given role in the local church? Listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg!

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We Belong Together — Part Two

Romans 12:3-8

Series: Shaped by Grace

Sermon Includes Transcript 47:23 ID: 2781

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Shaped by Grace

When the Gospel takes hold of us, our hearts and minds can’t help but be transformed. Whether in the mundane or profound aspects of life, our new identity in Christ should cause us to be different from the world around us. But what does this look like practically? How do these distinctions show themselves each day in our families, work, and local churches? In this series from Romans 12, Alistair Begg introduces us to the revolutionary impact God’s grace has in the lives of believers. As he points out, it is impossible to live in light of the Gospel without changing not only our actions, but also our motives and inner desires. The Gospel calls us to live in harmony with one another and challenges us to forgive and seek blessing for those who wish to harm us. If we allow the grace of God to first shape our hearts, our lives will surely follow.

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