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Seven Vital Truths About a Culture of Prayer

The early Church clearly understood that prayer is at the center of Gospel ministry. Today, however, many churches have lost conviction regarding our urgent need to keep prayer at the heart of our mission. Daniel Henderson explains that praying churches are not primarily a matter of programming, but of a culture of prayer that begins with leaders who seek God earnestly and grows as prayer becomes the center of every aspect of ministry.

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Series: Basics 2014

Encore 2013

Once God rescues us from our sin, we can come to know Him more deeply by learning from His Word again and again. Encore 2013 presents a diverse collection of listener favorites from the past year. Spanning a variety of topics including the relevance of the Bible, church ministry, Christian character, and the biblical record of Jesus’ ministry, this series contains essential teaching that will navigate believers further down the road of their spiritual journey.

13-Disc Audio Series $19.15 | 1-Disc MP3 CD $1.25

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A Call to Continue

In this message, Paul summarizes his instruction to the Colossians and explains that receiving Christ is not the end, but the beginning of life. The Colossians longed for Christ and here Paul encourages them to grow further in the foundation of their faith by reminding them of past realities and directing them in their present activities.

Colossians 2:6-7
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Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

Paul Shares His Heart

Here Paul reaches out to the Colossians in a heartfelt message using Colossae phraseology intended to bridge the physical distance between himself and his readers. Paul provides encouragement by conveying his struggle on his fellow Christians’ behalf and his earnest prayer for their well-being.

Colossians 2:1-5
id: 1039

Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

Marks of a God Given Ministry, Part Three

Paul identifies the marks of those who teach under false pretenses. He instructs the Colossians to be mature in their faith and distinguish between those who belong to Christ and those who do not. He warns to avoid false teachers who commend themselves, who preach by consensus, who preach out of envy or rivalry and who preach for profit. These challenges continue to be relevant to Christians today.

Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

Marks of a God Given Ministry, Part Two

Here we are warned not to add anything to our faith in Christ Jesus by requiring additional experiences, thus making Christianity selective through experiential commonalities. The mystery of the Gospel is not in its exclusiveness, belonging to a few, but in its inclusiveness, open to everyone.

Series: Alive In Christ, Volume 1

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