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May 1, 2002

Basics 2002

Selected scriptures
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At this, the third annual Parkside Pastors’ Conference, Alistair Begg had the joy and privilege of introducing the three men who have had a significant influence on his ministry as a pastor and preacher - Derek Prime, Eric Alexander and Dick Lucas.

"[These men] are supremely men of the Word. Their enduring effectiveness for the Lord is grounded on the steady conviction that the Bible is God’s one and only means of making His voice heard in the church and the world today." - Alistair Begg

Derek Prime pastored an independent evangelical church in London and Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he served for 18 years and where Alistair was his assistant. Derek has written extensively and helpfully, and his warm pastoral wisdom and effectiveness as a leader have influenced many pastors throughout the UK and abroad.

Eric Alexander was for many years Minister of St. George’s Tron, a Presbyterian congregation in the city center of Glasgow. He continues to bring Bible expositions to numerous conferences and conventions, where a strong passion for Christ pervades his winsome and powerful preaching.

Dick Lucas is an Anglican evangelical who was rector of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in the city of London for 30 years. There he taught the Bible to large congregations of students on Sunday evenings and businessmen at Tuesday luncheons. In 1986 he founded The Proclamation Trust, which equips and encourages pastors in Word ministry. Alistair maintains Dick’s insistence that "listening" to the Bible is the key to speaking its message and has profoundly changed his preaching.

It is hoped that young men involved in church leadership will find these sessions to be supremely useful as these remarkable men share extensively their lives and ministries.

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