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Basics 2008

Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves

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Selected Scriptures
ID: 23508 • May 12, 2008

The Gospel in the heart and mind of the pastor was the focus of Basics 2008, as pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers gathered, not only as servants of the Gospel, but as believers in the Gospel – that life-changing message of repentance, forgiveness and eternal life that is the main theme of the Bible, the heartbeat of the Christian and the lifeblood of the church.

It is our conviction that the power and joy of the Gospel message will keep us going in effective service for our Savior. We warmly invite you to join us for Basics 2008 that we may gladly learn better to believe what we preach.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

Music and Worship

Selected Scriptures Sermon 35:44 ID: GS837

Ministering by Grace

Ephesians 3:7–8 Sermon 48:51 ID: GS838

Connecting with Culture

Selected Scriptures Sermon 1:04:40 ID: GS839

Preaching God’s Grace

Titus 2:11–3:11 Sermon Includes Transcript 50:10 ID: 2630

Growing Good Leaders

Selected Scriptures Sermon 1:08:04 ID: GS840

Panel Question Time (Basics 2008)

Selected Scriptures Sermon 37:50 ID: GS847

Blogging Your Ministry

Selected Scriptures Sermon 46:57 ID: GS841

A Call to Discernment

Hebrews 5:11–14, Hebrews 6:1 Sermon 50:01 ID: GS842

The Daily Appropriation of Christ in His Gospel

Matthew 5:3–4 Sermon 41:32 ID: GS843

Remember the Gospel

2 Timothy 1:1–4:22 Sermon 44:17 ID: GS844

Gospel Ministry — Part One

2 Corinthians 4:1–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 47:32 ID: 2631

Preach the Word

2 Timothy 4:1–22 Sermon 45:56 ID: GS845

The Motivation of Love

2 Corinthians 5:14–15 Sermon 38:05 ID: GS846

Gospel Ministry — Part Two

2 Corinthians 4:1–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 56:14 ID: 2632