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Selected Scriptures
ID: 23514 • May 22, 2014

Basics is our annual conference for pastors and Christian workers. Each year, pastors, church leaders, and seminarians are invited to join Alistair Begg and a number of guest speakers for 3 days as we reflect together on the challenges, responsibilities, and privileges that face the modern church. Basics is for men: pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and Christian workers or those training for such roles.

Speakers: Alistair Begg, Christopher Ash, Gary Millar, Daniel Henderson

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

Ecclesiastes Speaks Today — Part One

Ecclesiastes 1:1–18 Sermon Includes Transcript 48:41 ID: 3032

Preaching a Psalm of Lament

Psalm 74:1–23 Sermon 43:51 ID: GS1115

The Lord Is God

1 Kings 18:1–46 Sermon 46:00 ID: gs1116

Preaching a Psalm of Praise

Psalm 146:1–10 Sermon 42:52 ID: gs1117

The God Who Speaks

1 Kings 19:1–21 Sermon 46:21 ID: GS1118

Panel Question Time (Basics 2014)

Selected Scriptures Sermon 40:11 ID: gs1119

Ecclesiastes Speaks Today — Part Two

Ecclesiastes 12:1–14 Sermon Includes Transcript 51:22 ID: 3033

Seven Vital Truths about a Culture of Prayer

Selected Scriptures Sermon 55:54 ID: gs1120

How to Maintain Pastoral Zeal while Avoiding Pastoral Burnout

Selected Scriptures Sermon 52:12 ID: gs1121

Preaching Simply, Preaching Richly

Selected Scriptures Sermon 59:09 ID: gs1122