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The Basics of Pastoral Ministry, Volume 2

Character Matters

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Selected Scriptures
ID: 28402 • October 18, 2021

A pastor’s job is seldom easy. Whatever context he ministers in, he’s likely to face countless pressures from the surrounding culture, from within his congregation, and even from within his own heart, mind, and spirit. In the face of such challenges, the surest place to turn is God’s Word itself, which offers both a heartening vision of the pastor’s role and wisdom for navigating its fulfillment.

In this collection of sermons and lectures, Alistair Begg directs current pastors, aspiring pastors, pastors in training, and lay leaders to the Bible’s teachings on the pastor’s character. How does a pastor’s personal walk with Christ impact his ministry? What personal traits should pastors cultivate? How should ministry leaders respond their own inevitable weaknesses? The answers can be found right in the pages of the very Scripture that God tasks us with opening and proclaiming. Study along with Alistair, and discover them anew.

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