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A Study in Ecclesiastes

Chasing the Wind

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ID: 12101 • August 1, 1995

Trapped in a dark world without a clear a view of God, the writer of Ecclesiastes sought frantically for some light on the path—but indulging in everything this world had to offer left him empty and unfulfilled. After climbing high on life’s ladder, he made the tragic discovery that it was propped against the wrong wall. Cynical about life’s achievements, he began to question—rightly—whether anything mattered or whether everything was only vanity.

In this series, Alistair Begg guides us through this challenging and relevant Old Testament meditation on life’s apparent futility and the only true hope that can give our existence lasting meaning. When so many pass their days running down dead-end streets, we can live with purpose. First, though, we must discover what it means to fear God, which is the beginning of true wisdom.

Sermons in this Series

A Word to the Wise

Ecclesiastes 1:1–18 Sermon Includes Transcript 42:08 ID: 2286

The Search for Satisfaction

Ecclesiastes 2:1–26 Sermon Includes Transcript 47:05 ID: 2288

Eternity on My Mind

Ecclesiastes 3:1–15 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:37 ID: 2290

All Those Lonely People

Ecclesiastes 4:1–16 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:25 ID: 2294

Concerning Worship

Ecclesiastes 5:1–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 40:24 ID: 2295

In Search of Meaning

Ecclesiastes 5:8–7:29 Sermon Includes Transcript 41:54 ID: 2297

The Case against Self-Sufficiency

Ecclesiastes 8:1–9:18 Sermon Includes Transcript 45:16 ID: 2299

Dead Flies and Little Birds

Ecclesiastes 10:1–20 Sermon Includes Transcript 41:33 ID: 2300

Celebrate Life!

Ecclesiastes 11:1–10 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:06 ID: 2302

“Remember Your Creator”

Ecclesiastes 12:1–8 Sermon Includes Transcript 37:07 ID: 2306

A Surprising Punch Line

Ecclesiastes 12:9–14 Sermon Includes Transcript 37:45 ID: 2311