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The Missing Peace

Finding Happiness through Forgiveness

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ID: 11932 • April 1, 2008

At some point, most of us find ourselves restless and searching for what is missing in our lives. We think we can find contentment in many places, but often, nothing seems to bring the fulfillment we desire—and along the way, we cover up our mistakes and regrets, attempting to forget our painful pasts.

In this series, Alistair Begg leads us through the experience of David as recorded in Psalm 32, which captures the sorrowful king’s search for forgiveness and a restored relationship with God after his sin with Bathsheba. Contrary to our fears and assumptions, there is joy to be found in confession because of Christ’s atonement. Through God’s grace, we are drawn back into fellowship with Him, discovering freedom and protection under His watchful care. As we walk forward, we can then rely on the personal instruction God provides to keep us on the path of happiness and discover the missing peace we have been lacking.

Sermons in this Series


Psalm 32:1–2 Sermon Includes Transcript 36:39 ID: 2539

Like an Owl among the Ruins

Psalm 32:3–4 Sermon Includes Transcript 34:52 ID: 2540

My Hiding Place — Part One

Psalm 32:5–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 38:26 ID: 2541

My Hiding Place — Part Two

Psalm 32:5–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 31:09 ID: 2542

“I Will Instruct You” — Part One

Psalm 32:8 Sermon Includes Transcript 38:15 ID: 2543

“I Will Instruct You” — Part Two

Psalm 32:8–9 Sermon Includes Transcript 36:02 ID: 2544

Happiness Revisited

Psalm 32:10–11 Sermon Includes Transcript 34:42 ID: 2545