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Faith Put to the Test, Part One

Faith Put to the Test, Part One

In one of the most chilling, demanding tests of faith recorded, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Alistair Begg explains that God’s provision may not always be what we desire, but what He designs is always best. With a humble heart that submits to God’s power, we can exercise a faith that far outweighs what the world deems logical.

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Venturing In Faith

Abraham’s journey of faith could be described as a series of new beginnings. Although his walk contained many pitfalls and failures, Abraham learned that with God, failure is never final. Abraham’s trust grew with each new beginning as he responded in obedience to God’s call. Throughout this series from Genesis, Alistair Begg explores faith as expressed through the changes and challenges of life. The measure of our faith grows as our understanding of God’s character grows, and we can walk boldly in light of His promises.