One Name, and Only One
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One Name, and Only One

Acts 4:12  (ID: 2116)

The apostle Peter experienced hostility from the religious establishment after boldly proclaiming the exclusive salvation of Christ. Alistair Begg compares Peter’s experience with the modern church’s experience of antagonism and accusations of intolerance. If the church compromises its boldness and dilutes the Gospel, he reminds us, we also sacrifice truth and evangelism. Like Peter, we must proclaim salvation alone through Christ with the conviction and courage supplied by the Holy Spirit.

12And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men3 by which we must be saved.”

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Alistair Begg
Alistair Begg is Senior Pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Bible teacher on Truth For Life, which is heard on the radio and online around the world.