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What's In a Name?

What's In a Name?

Names can be significant, and this is certainly true of the name of God. Alistair Begg challenges us to remember that because God’s name is a reflection of His character, it is full of meaning. How we use God’s name reveals what we believe about Him.

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Pathway to Freedom

Here are the Maker’s instructions, and it’s time to give them careful attention. In a culture that glorifies self and disregards truth, God’s Word speaks clearly into every area of our lives. He does not offer us what we want to hear, but He shows us what we need most of all. The Ten Commandments do not provide us with a ladder to climb to reach acceptance with God. Instead, they are a mirror that exposes our sin and sends us to Christ as Savior. These commandments are the pathway for the Christian to enjoy the fullness and freedom that our Heavenly Father intends.