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Who Or What Is The Church?

Who Or What Is The Church?

Does the Church have any relevance for the 21st century? By explaining the divine origins of the Church, the truth about membership in the Church, and how the Bible defines the Church, Alistair Begg helps us answer this question. Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Church, and this one truth forms the cornerstone for all we believe about the Church.

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What Is the Church?

Who or what is the Church? Some might think there are more pressing issues to address in today’s world, but there’s no question that the word ‘church’ conjures up all kinds of images. Indeed, it is a word which is very often misunderstood.

By examining passages from several books of the New Testament, Alistair Begg provides clarity on topic of the Church by explaining the nature, origin, and leadership of the Church, the relationship of individuals to the Body of Christ and to local congregations, and the marks of a healthy church fellowship. In all of these areas, we are reminded that Christ Himself is the head of the Church, and it is only in submission to His authority that the Church functions as it ought and flourishes as He intends. Whatever our starting point, this series of studies will bring us to realize just how vitally relevant and crucial the Church is for the 21st century.