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How to Memorize Scripture & Parenting Essentials

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How to Memorize Scripture & Parenting Essentials

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Paperbacks, 72 pages & 144 pages
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How to Memorize Scripture for Life: From One Verse to Entire Books is a brief booklet that provides a formula and a schedule for how to memorize verses, full passages, and even entire books of the Bible. This brief guide lays out a cycle of specific steps to follow over the course of four days to enable readers to commit sections of God’s Word to memory. When following the pattern, readers will learn how to develop visual and auditory cues for remembering, and how to follow a specific daily routine that leads to retention. Having God’s Word written inside our minds is a preventative measure for avoiding temptation, facilitates the spiritual transformation Paul describes in the book of Romans, and makes us more effective at evangelizing.

Parenting Essentials: This practical book helps parents create a thoughtful plan for parenting before they find themselves in the thick of situations for which they have no unified strategy.

Each chapter guides couples through establishing a framework for how they’ll manage a different aspect of child-rearing, such as applying discipline, resolving conflict, counseling through unhealthy friendships, and even managing social media. Parenting Essentials helps couples establish an intentional game plan for raising their children to become Christ-loving, secure, mentally healthy adults.

Co-written by theology professor Andreas Kostenbeger and his wife, Margaret, they draw from their experiences successfully raising four children to thriving, God-honoring adulthood.

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