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The Miracle of Christmas: A Collection of Series

The Miracle of Christmas: A Collection of Series

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Through Jesus’ birth, God’s Son entered the world with one purpose: to save it from sin once and for all. In this special collection of eight Christmas series, Alistair Begg examines different aspects of the Christmas story, providing a full panorama of who Jesus is, why He came, and what His life, death, resurrection, and ascension mean for us today. Alistair unpacks the details of Scripture to illuminate this familiar story afresh. The birth of Jesus isn’t just the reason for a festive season; it’s the turning point of all of human history—and can be for our own stories as well!

Series included:
- Behind the Scenes of Christmas
- A Child Is Born
- It is HIStory!
- Good News, Great Joy
- Navigating the Nativity
- Songs for a Savior
- History, Mystery, Divinity
- Christmas in the Beginning

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