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Ever since the fall in Genesis 3, mankind has been separated from God by our disobedience to His commands. The Bible calls this disobedience sin, and its consequence is grave: death in this life and eternal punishment in the next. But that's not the end of the story! In these sermons, Alistair Begg helps us confront humanity's greatest problem and points us to its only solution: faith in Christ Jesus.
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Free Indeed! — Part One

John 8:31–38 Sermon Includes Transcript 38:40 ID: 3641

Free Indeed! — Part Two

John 8:31–38 Sermon Includes Transcript 24:15 ID: 3642

Ministering in a Culture of Addiction (Basics 2023)

Selected Scriptures Sermon 1:17:11 ID: gs1463

“God Gave Them Up” — Part Three

Romans 1:28–32 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:01 ID: 3577

“God Gave Them Up” — Part Two

Romans 1:26–27 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:13 ID: 3576

A Meal to Remember

Luke 7:36–50 Sermon Includes Transcript 43:06 ID: 3575

“God Gave Them Up” — Part One

Romans 1:24–25 Sermon Includes Transcript 48:49 ID: 3570

Proclaiming God’s Truth with Boldness

1 Peter 2:9–12, Acts 4:8–31 Sermon 42:11 ID: 3591

Paul’s Bold Proclamation

Acts 17:22–34, Romans 1:28–32 Sermon 45:10 ID: 3590

What Jesus Did

1 Peter 3:18, Mark 8:27–33 Sermon 23:21 ID: 3538