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Sermons Resources about 2-Corinthians

Resources about 2-Corinthians

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Sweet Fruit from a Thorny Tree

When suffering comes, it can shake our confidence to the core. Physical maladies begin to creep into our hearts and minds, truly testing our trust in God. If you’ve been through unsettling pain and suffering, find out what a Biblical response looks like.


Series: Dangers, Toils and Snares

We Are Workers with You for Your Joy

A seminar with John Piper at Basics 2009


Getting the Holy Spirit in Focus, Part Five

What do the words Sanctification and Justification mean? Having been born again by the Holy Spirit and being set apart by God for His own possession does not mean we have become sinless, nor should we willingly continue to sin because we are forgiven. The work Christ gives us through Sanctification cannot be separate from Justification. Join us as we turn to the God’s Word for explanation of what Sanctification and Justification truly mean, and examine common misunderstandings.


Gospel Ministry, Part Two

One way we receive the truth of the Gospel is through the words of pastors. Those who teach God’s Word must resist the temptation to pitch their messages as if they are marketing a product. Alistair Begg encourages ministers of the Gospel to be candid, clear, and courageous in their preaching, having full confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture.


Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 5

Gospel Ministry, Part One

The message we hear from the pulpit may sound compelling and helpfully relevant, but all too often it may be disconnected from the fundamental message of the Bible. A true Gospel ministry should be centered on proclaiming the story of the great exchange: Christ paid the penalty for sin on behalf of His people and credited His righteousness to their account. Alistair Begg reminds us that the call to believe in this Good News should be the continual, passionate plea of every pastor.


Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 5

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