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A Study in Ephesians, Volume 4

The Mystery of the Gospel

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ID: 14904 • January 27, 2020

The theologian John Mackay once described the book of Ephesians as “the distilled essence of the Christian religion, the most authoritative and most consummate compendium of our holy Christian faith.” Writing to a church facing timeless challenges, the apostle Paul set out to remind his readers of all that God has accomplished for us in Christ—and what we then do and become in response. Throughout history, the resulting six chapters have brought countless people to an understanding of their place in the purposes of God and the wonders of His grace and peace.

In volume four of this series, Alistair Begg examines Paul’s zeal for the Gospel despite his suffering and imprisonment. Called by God, Paul prayed and preached confidently, revealing the mystery that both Jews and gentiles are brought near to God through Christ’s saving work. Rooted and grounded in Jesus, we will increasingly reflect His glory to the world around us.

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