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The Hand of God, Volume 1

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ID: 21904 • September 17, 2018

All of Scripture declares that God’s hand is active in shaping our every affair, from our deepest trials to our loftiest triumphs. Few stories declare this theme more powerfully than the dramatic account of Joseph, son of Jacob. Through this seminal tale of jealousy, betrayal, faithfulness, and astonishing forgiveness, the Bible invites us to rejoice in God’s divine sovereignty and providential care for those whom He loves.

In volume one of this series, Alistair Begg leads us through Joseph’s early life, demonstrating how his trials, struggles, and unexpected rise to power displayed God’s perfect provision. Born into a troubled family, betrayed at his brothers’ hands, enslaved, imprisoned, and then raised up to Pharaoh’s right hand, Joseph exemplifies how God works all things together for our good and His glory. Through God’s abundant providence, we too may cast unbelief aside and trust in the only one whose plan is perfect.

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Available Volumes:

Family Ties

Sermon Includes Transcript 55:11 ID: 1845

New Coat, Big Dreams, Deep Pit

Genesis 37:1–36 Sermon Includes Transcript 55:30 ID: 1847

Sent, Sold, Sad, Safe

Genesis 37:17–36 Sermon Includes Transcript 46:42 ID: 1849

Making the Most of It

Genesis 39:1–7 Sermon Includes Transcript 48:52 ID: 1851

Joseph’s Temptation

Genesis 39:6–20 Sermon Includes Transcript 58:59 ID: 1853

Attitude Is Everything

Genesis 39:16–23 Sermon Includes Transcript 55:38 ID: 1857

Good News, Bad News

Genesis 40:1–23 Sermon Includes Transcript 53:38 ID: 1859

Lessons from the Dungeon — Part One

Genesis 40:1–23 Sermon Includes Transcript 56:05 ID: 1861

Lessons from the Dungeon — Part Two

Genesis 40:1–23 Sermon Includes Transcript 44:53 ID: 1862

Pharaoh’s Dream

Genesis 41:1–57 Sermon Includes Transcript 45:14 ID: 1866

A Man with a Plan

Genesis 41:25–40 Sermon Includes Transcript 52:59 ID: 1868

In Charge, In Touch — Part One

Genesis 41:41–57 Sermon Includes Transcript 41:25 ID: 1869