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For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 1

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Are you passionate about sharing the Gospel? How willing are you to sacrifice and take risks so that unbelievers may become followers of Jesus and believers may become better equipped to share the good news of salvation? As we consider these questions, we are helped by the example of the apostle Paul, who heroically pursued God’s call through all manner of difficulty and throughout the Mediterranean world—all so that others may come to know Christ as Lord.

In volume one of this series, Alistair Begg follows Paul from Corinth to Caesarea on his final missionary trek. For the sake of the Gospel, Paul endured trials of every kind, boldly proclaiming the good news and glorifying God even to those who doggedly persecuted him. Throughout his journey, we see evidence of God’s grace, providential protection, and provision, which underpinned Paul’s confidence and enabled him, as it enables us today, to live out the faith he proclaimed.

Sermons in this Series
Available Volumes:

About Twelve “Almost” Christians

Acts 19:1–10 Sermon 39:43 ID: 2451

What God Says and Does

Acts 19:8–20 Sermon 36:48 ID: 2453

Reaching a City

Acts 19:23–41 Sermon 42:00 ID: 2454

Transparency, Integrity, Urgency

Acts 20:17–24 Sermon Includes Transcript 35:15 ID: 2456

A Farewell Address

Acts 20:25–38 Sermon 41:33 ID: 2458

Next Stop, Jerusalem

Acts 21:1–16 Sermon 43:21 ID: 2462

For the Sake of the Gospel

Acts 21:17–26 Sermon 41:14 ID: 2463

Paul States the Facts

Acts 21:27–22:29 Sermon 46:00 ID: 2466

“In All Things God Works…”

Acts 22:30–23:11 Sermon 42:23 ID: 2468

Nephew and Commander

Acts 23:12–22 Sermon 41:54 ID: 2470

The Judge Facing Judgment

Acts 24:1–27 Sermon 42:14 ID: 2472